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Being An Older Mom - To teens

Updated: Aug 3

So on my old blog, Adventures of a Broken Housewife and Mom I wrote about being an older mom to little ones... about becoming an older mom. Well, now the little ones are growing up. I've been an older mom for 15.5 years now and I've had people ask me if much has changed.

I'd have to say yes and no. I still enjoy being an older mom and I feel I have much more wisdom to share with my kids than I would if I was younger. And I feel the rapport with my kids is much better than it was with the older two. However, there are some drawbacks.

The first thing I hate is people asking my kids if I'm their grandmother. The grayer my hair gets, the more they get asked. And I guess it wasn't so bad when they were little and people asked. But now they aren't little anymore and people still ask. Annoying!!!! Well, it's also kinda funny too and is good for a laugh now and then.

Perhaps the hardest part, that is in no way funny is my energy shift. Even if I didn't have severe iron deficiency and fibromyalgia, I wouldn't have the energy I had with my older kids. And that can be rough. I want to do all the things other parents do, but it's just not always feasible. As you get older sometimes you have aches and pains that keep you from joining the mother daughter walkathon or even going shopping in the mall with them. Sometimes you just need that weekend of doing nothing and recouping from the week but the kids still want to go, go, go. Yes, we still do stuff with them, but seriously my heart can't be in it 100 percent if I'm hurting or just wishing I was taking a nap. They might not notice the difference, but I sure do.

Another issue that we are working to tackle is the huge generation gap. There is no slow transition between parent and child when the child is almost forty years younger. Values have changed and technology has changed and overall, the world has changed. And sometimes it is hard to grasp the differences. Do we push all of our values and morals on them or do we let some of the new stuff in too to smooth things out. A big example is chores. We believe in them and our kids' friend's parents don't. Now chores is one thing that I refuse to give in on. I believe it is necessary to give them independence and knowledge they will need in the future. Other things like screen time, screen time rules, friendships and actions we can give and take on. But one thing is for sure, I make sure they know what things were like when I was young so once they are on their own they have a good base to make decisions on their own.

Overall, I'd have to say that I love being an older mom. But there are draw backs, just not enough to change my decision to have kids as an older mom. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

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