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Don't Stop the Music

I love music and when I find a song I love, I can listen to it over and over and over again. The full song. The complete song. The song from beginning to end. Not just the first part. Not just the Chorus. Not just the last part. THE WHOLE DAMN THING!

Through 27 years of raising kids, they have all done it, you know, changing the jam in the middle of your jam session. Although my middle daughter hasn't recently because she obsesses over full songs as much as I do. Even my soon to be ex-husband was a song playing God. He'd put it on and let it play. (Although we used to drive him crazy listening to songs over and over.)

I mean, who is with me? You just get into a song you love and bam, they change it. Always at the best part... or maybe one of the many best parts. When earbuds became popular I was so grateful. If my kids wanted to listen to a quarter or a half of a song, they could go right ahead and do it in their own ears. I never had the luxury of doing that. I always got in trouble if I used earbuds or headphones because I wasn't paying adequate attention to my kids. Ha! They weren't little. They could take care of themselves and if they did need me, they were capable of tapping me on the shoulder or screaming mom, mom, mom, a hundred and fifty thousand times. (I actually kinda miss it once in a while).

So, my best friend, who became my fiancé recently, is of a younger generation as most of you know. He's also an old soul and we have much the same taste in music and other entertainment. But the one thing that always got on my nerves as we listened to music over video chat together... guess what? Yup, he flips through songs faster than a Vegas casino dealer through a pack of cards. My Goodness Man! Let me finish a song!.

Is it the lack of attention span of the younger generations? Is it ADHD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety? I think truly your guess is as good as mine. I have noticed this trait in a lot of ADHD kids. (Several of which are mine and one being the man I am engaged to.) And our pediatric specialist for my autistic daughter said it was also a trait of some on the spectrum.

Now with earbuds, I'm not subjected to it much... until I moved to Australia to be with my love. I like to get my jam on in the car, but that jam is always interrupted by a new song. And then another. And another... It's a good thing I love him so much. Otherwise, I'd be the old lady driving down the road yelling "Don't touch that button!" or perhaps. "Hey Google, ignore him."

May the music you love never end, even if it's only halfway thorough the song. Music is healing no matter how much of a song you listen to.

Until Next Time...

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