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It's Okay, He's Still Young!

Being in love with a much younger man isn't all great sex and constant adventure, although those things are flipping amazing! There is a difficult aspect to dating/marrying a much younger man, especially when he's close in age to your children - the kids you spent years trying to get to stop doing these things.

The one thing I have to constantly remind myself is that he is still YOUNG. So, what young ways are hard? Well, some days I feel like I'm back to raising another child. You see, he's not quite the age where they say a man's brain is finally fully developed. He's a smidge younger than that. So, when his brother is there and they are joking around, and screaming, and using voice changers, and making videos that would make me cringe if my own kids were making them, I just want to crawl into a hole and cry. Okay, maybe not cry but you get the drift.

We have the most earth shattering, long (like 6 hours) conversations about religion, politics, and the meaning of life. And the next minute he is screaming and chasing his brother through the house with his phone on the loudest setting spewing profanities with the voice changer.

He also games a lot. I don't mean a husband who comes home after work and games for a couple of hours. I mean, if we have no work to do, he could be on there all day. And If my hearing wasn't so sensitive he'd be doing it online with his loud buddies.

And then there are the silly things like sticking his hand in your face and saying he was just scratching his ass, or wet willies, and other such gross things.

I know, I know, I'm not mad at him about the things he does. Hell, I know more about missing out on your youth than most people my age. I want him to enjoy being young while he still can. But yeah, it's hard sometimes. There are moments I need him to be my serious soul mate and he's being the silly boy that makes me smile and roll my eyes.

Over time, he'll learn when to be crazy and when to be serious. But until then he is learning to live with my eye rolls and groans. And he will someday appreciate me yelling at him about being rude when others are trying to sleep. Someday he will understand why, when you're a certain age, you want people to respect your resting hours.

All fun aside, he is an amazing partner, and I think I can live with his fun youth as long as I still get my meaningful conversations about anything and everything under the sun.

Until Next Time ...

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