Meet our Staff 
(high to low position) 

Founder and CEO: Dallas Weatherill
Dallas Weatherill is the Founder and Current CEO of Weatherill services
Born and raised in Tasmania Australia.
He founded Weatherill services in 2020 when he was aged 18 with one goal "To Make it quick and easy to shop". He set out on a mission to make all products as easy to purchase as possible with minimal effort, and all transactions completely safe. Followed by creating an innovative service that empowers customers to do what they love with the assistance of industry leading equipment, staff and technology.




Chief Operating Officer: Mrs Jaimee Ellis
Jaimee Best is the Commander of Day-to-Day operations for Weatherill Services and holds the seat of Chief Operating Officer (COO). She currently helps oversee the departmental functions of Human Resources, Legal and Marketing. With previous experience in communications, with a degree from the university of Nevada Las Vegas. She oversees every aspect of our daily operations — including but not limited to products, advertising, customer service, suppliers and payroll. The company has been able to benefit greatly from her business savvy and entrepreneurial personality, setting them up to only further thrive under her leadership. 




Chief Support Agent: Mr Dillon Wolfe
Dillon is the Chief Support Agent. With his experience, he knows that it doesn't stop at football here. He's got a whole team backing him up to help tackle any obstacle you can throw at us. And we'll be there for you too, if you need anything at all.